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Our Estate Planning Services

Helping you to plan for every eventuality with Wills, Trusts, Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA) Inheritance Tax Planning & Probate Assistance.

We are here to serve you, and help ensure complete peace of mind and a stress free future for you and your loved ones. 


Though will writing is a non-regulated industry, Taylormade Estate Planning is proud to be an affiliate member of the Society of Willwriters (Aff.SWW). We do this to show that we prefer to work on a self-regulating basis and provide high-quality advice in this area.


All documents prepared for our Taylormade customers are prepared by Solicitors and fully qualified legal professionals and covered by their Professional Indemnity insurance.

In the UK, since 2000, an average of over 17,000 homes are sold each year to pay for long term care costs. The average residential care cost across the UK in 2018/2019 was £33,489 per person, per year.

There are many ways of planning for Long Term Care, not least a correctly drafted will can help immensely towards potentially protecting some of your estate.  

Take control of your estate.
Get peace of mind knowing your estate is accounted for. 

Family cut out of paper in the hands of a child


Ensure your wishes are honoured after your death.

In the UK, there are several ways to carry out estate planning services.


  1. The 1st is to do it yourself via either a paper-based draft document from well-known stationers or online providers

  2. Use a Will writing Service such as Taylormade Estate Planning

  3. Use a solicitor


This order also tends to be the order of cost. Doing it yourself is cheapest, but there will be no advice to ensure that documents are legally binding or correct for your requirements, using a solicitor in most instances is the most expensive option.


Taylormade Estate Planning sits in the middle with a unique selling point coming from extensive professional financial and legal knowledge. Allowing us to ensure the advice you receive is correct and that the documents are exactly what you require. We work with 100% honesty and always tell clients directly if it would not be in their legal or financial interest to take the route they are considering.


Ensure your wishes are honoured after your death.

Trusts can be very complicated and are often very sensitive. With so many different types of trusts available, you must make the right choice as to which trust you wish to set up. We can help guide you to get the right trust for your planned arrangements. 


Contrary to popular belief, a trust is not just for setting aside large sums of money for your children for when they reach a certain age. There are many reasons for setting up a trust that expands far beyond that (Though that is one consideration). They allow for control over your finances and your assets dependent on your motivating factors for having one. It's important to note, Trusts are not just for the wealthy.


According to the MSA (Money Advice Service); 'A trust is a legal arrangement where one or more people or a company (called the trustees) controls money or assets (called the trust property) which they must use for the benefit of one or more people (the beneficiaries)’

Two hands holding a house
A mans hand holding a womans hand

Probate Assistance

The general administering of the will following death

Probate can be quite an overwhelming process for some, and we understand that it can be a difficult experience while you are grieving.


We are here to help you take out as much stress as possible with honest, professional advice that has your best interest at the core. 

We offer a “Flexible Probate Assistance” service. This means that although we do not carry out full probate on your behalf, we offer a number of services to help and assist you in completing probate.


The reason we work this way is that we have found a "one size fits all" approach does not work and many clients would like to carry out the probate themselves, but with varying levels of assistance, We therefore launched our Probate Assistance service a number of years ago, and it has been very successful. From telephone guidance, to providing the correct forms for your use, we can tailor this service to deal with this most sensitive matter to suit an individuals needs.

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